Capturing the contrast between the old and the new

Monday, January 3, 2022

I live in a city in rapid development, but with a lot of history. This is clear all over the city, where hundreds of years of old buildings stand side by side with building constructed merely months ago. But living in the city, or even just visiting, that is a sight you will see all over the place. I think there are more interesting places.

Sunset over an railyard
Looking west into the old railyard.

The city was once one of the greatest industrial cities in the country, and it is still a pretty large hub for manufacturing. But after the real heavy industries in the center of the city shut down or moved elsewhere, the industrial railyard would no longer see any use. For years it stood abandoned until developers started to answer to the demand for more and cheap housing in the city for all of its students. This city, however, is really good at preserving history. So it was only natural, that the old railyard would be incorporated into the new apartment blocks, and turned into a park and a quiet way to move from a to b.

Sunset over an old rail yard, with a modern building on the left
Looking west into the old railyard.

I think the photo above shows how to old railyard is incorporated into the modern complex. The crane is just left there on its tracks. Wires and all hanging from its control unit. In the background, you see the lampposts from the railyard, going all the way through to the back. They end up at the city's old Tivoli Garden, which is currently undergoing a large transformation. But that is a story for another time. On the right is the old industrial city, and on the left is the new and popular city.

Sunset over an old rail yard, with modern buildings in the background
Turning 180 degrees, and you have the next wave of construction nicely framed.

After taking the picture of the crane and the building, I turned around 180 degrees, and immediately, the next wave of buildings are being constructed, nicely framed by even more leftover railyard equipment. It's almost like a picture within the picture.

Those were some of my favorite photos from my little photo session at the old railyard. I wanted to get out of the apartment, and I hadn't been using my camera for a long time. So, seeing that the weather was nice, and the golden hour was about to begin, I scrambled for some batteries and left. All the images are shot on my old Sony A6000 using the Samyang 24mm F2.8 lens. I then put them through Adobe Lightroom to help better convey the mood of the evening.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and that little history from my home town Aalborg. Until next time.