Improving my apartment with 3D printing

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Last week, I got myself a new backpack, so I printed a place to hang it using my 3D printer. And that is what I love about 3D printing. It's the ability to quickly solve problems around the living space. So today I will show you a couple of other prints that I have made, in order to ease everyday life and tidy up my apartment.

The first helpful thing I printed was this latch for my Ikea closet. The closet contains stuff that is just barely larger than the depth of the closet, but the stuff is also squishy. This means, that the doors will stay open just a bit. Maybe an inch or so. Super annoying, and ruins the clean look of the closet. So, I printed this latch, which is less than perfect but gets the job done.

Door latch for Ikea closet
The finished door latch. It will probably make a v2 in the future.

My apartment is kinda small, especially the bathroom. So, for the last few years, because I am lazy, I have just had my pack of toilet paper sitting on the floor of my bathroom. I have thought of making a kind of shelf to stack them on, behind my toilet. But, I have never gotten around to actually making it. But when I got my 3D printer, it was obvious what was going to happen. So, I measured all the lengths, diameters, and distances using my digital calipers, and did a CAD model in Fusion 360. At the bottom, it snaps onto the pipes behind the toilet. The shelf itself is kept as a ring, so save material by not having to print the center. Nice print that keeps the toilet paper off the ground, and within reach from the toilet.

3D CAD model of a round shelf for toilet paper
The design was done in Fusion 360. Here you can see the supports that snaps onto the pipes.
Shelf for toilet paper
The finished toilet paper holder.

The last thing is also related to the bathroom. I have a kind of collapsable drying rack, but it has too just been kept in the corner of the bathroom. It's the same story as with the toilet paper. I had an idea but never got around to making it until I got the 3D printer. Measured the drying rack with calipers, and then modeled it in Fusion 360. It just slides onto the glass shower window, and there is just enough space between that and the sink, for the drying rack to hang. That is two fewer things on the floor, making cleaning so much easier.

3D model of a rack holder
The 3D model done in Fusion 360.
Clothing rack hanging on 3D printed rack holder
The finished holder. There are two of these, on in each end.

I am not done making improvements to the apartment. I am just waiting for something to annoy me enough, and that problem will then be solved too. I also have some woodworking projects that I would like to tell you about, so stay tuned.