Re-discovering my first DIY desk

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

I know what you are thinking:

"He is always going on and on about crafting an wood working. But do we ever see anything of it?"

Yes! Right now! And also in the future. I promise. 

So let's get to it. 

I recently re-discovered an old video of mine where I show you how to build your own desk. The desk is nothing fancy. The design is blocky, and it's just made of MDF. But it was my design, build for my apartment, and with some nifty tricks to guarantee a clean desk experience. That was actually a pretty nice desk. Much more sturdy and beautiful. But it was though up and built by myself, and that makes it special. At least for me. 

That was, as far as I remember, my first serious piece of furniture I built myself. Sitting in my apartment now, I have many more within reach. But they are stories for another time. There is just something about builting things yourself. It's bespoke. It fits your needs, and it's just right. 

The video, just like the desk it portrays, is nothing special. It's around 7 years old (wow), shot handheld, and without any written plan. To this day, it has accumulated a bit over 1000 views on Youtube, has a like/dislike ratio of 100%. Someone even took the time to tell me that there are better instructions for a desk elsewhere. How is that for engagement!? 

Anyways, here is the video, self-hosted and ad-free:

....Is what I would have said. But I then discovered that my free Cloudflare plan tops out at a max upload size of 100MB, and I am not going to pay 200 USD a month just to upload a 7 year old video. I can get around that, but not now, because it's almost 1AM and I should go to bed. So for now, you will have to settle with this nasty Youtube link: 

Watch the video on Youtube!